Friday, November 16, 2012

Cremora Tart from South Africa

  • When I and four other girls from our South Africa CC arrived in Bethulie at our host family's house, we had just come from a month in the mountains of Lesotho. While we absolutely adored our time in Lesotho, we got pretty tired of the constant diet of papa and spinach. In Bethulie, however, we were greeted by our hosts, Peter and Annette, with open arms and and open coffeeshop! They treated us to a smorgasbord of tarts, muffins and coffee. Once we got past the shock of all of this incredible food in front of us, we ate until we were full and thankful. We sat and sipped our coffee in their charming cafe, Ou Vellies, while we chatted and learned about each other. While the tasty food was a special and welcome surprise, the real treat was the company and conversation we shared. Over tarts and coffee, we shared moments and laughs that I will never forget. ~ Heidi Bauman

    Cremora Tart:
    Crust: packed biscuits/cookies layered on the bottom & sides of a pie pan
    385 g sweetened condensed milk
    1 c (250 mL) Cremora coffee creamer powder
    1 c lemon juice
    Beat condensed milk & Cremora, then add lemon juice & beat fast. Fill pie. Sprinkle with crumbs of biscuits. Chill overnight.
    Annette, our host mother, working in her kitchen.
    Our host father, Peter, showing us his very own "Ou Vellies"
    (This was a pretty lemony dessert, I bet you use less lemon juice if you wanted and then use water to make the full cup)

    Ou Vellies coffee shoppe
    Ou Vellies, in Afrikaans means "old boots".

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